Some poems online

(a)  Shadowtrain:

(b) African Writing Online:

(c) Sentinel Poetry Online:

(d) Postcolonial Text:

Englishes & Englishes

(e) Otoliths, a magazine of many e-things:

•  Why I Can’t Rejoice When a Bad Guy Dies

Housing a Curious Glance

Carrying All Your Meanings in One Casket

Dancing Flames

(f) Fiera Lingue

·Stopping All Clocks

·Every Season Has a Reason


·Searching Nostradamus

•  Reading Faces

•  Some are summer

(g) Very Bad Poetry

(h) While the He/Art Pants

(i) Winter Anthology, Fiera Lingue

(j) FoggedClarity

(k) Portal: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies

Multiple Strokes

(l) Assisi: An Online Journal of Arts and Letters

(m) Health & Illness: An  Anthology of Poetic Works

(n)  1oo Thousand Poets for Change (anthology):

(o) Open Salon


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