Other Completed Research Projects

Re/Making Selves Across Borders: A Study of the Lifestories on Igbo Movements to Cameroon and Return to the Homeland. 68pp.

A research project conducted with a grant from Institute for French Research in Africa (IFRA), Ibadan, Nigeria, http://www.ifra-ng.org. (2001) (The study, which is located in the growing scholarly interest on transnational movements in Africa, explores representations and perceptions of identity and space in the lifestories by Igbo persons who, for cultural, political, and economic reasons, have shared their domicile between Nigeria and Cameroon. Throwing up questions about “home”, diaspora, and constructions of identity, the study draws attention to how these narratives become important means of articulating and extending the history of the making of self and of the pride of the bloodline in Igbo culture. It, however, reveals the tensions created by the emergent cultural hybridity of the Igbo persons studied, by the politics of cultural placements and displacements, especially where the “homeland” they return to can no longer recognize authentic Igboness in them, which invariably leads to the emergence of new sub-(Igbo)-communities that struggle for power.)


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