Essays in e-zines & dailies

(1) MEND this Language

(2) Looking for Magun

(3) Wrestling with Amalinze

(4) The Road, the rage, the courage

(5) Uniform maketh the man

(6) Forward to Backwards

(7) Asoebi Politics

(8) Kidding with someone’s future

(9) Noisome Pestilence

(10) The movie in those eyes

(11) The Soludo Solution

(12) A Hello from Hell

(13) Deity of deities

(14) She Walks in Grace

(15) Living in Ex-ile

(16) The goat fed by many

(17) Grave Cemetery

(18) Programmed to Expect the Worst

(19) Work and “Prey”

(20) Homeward Bound

(21) Counting our Soludos before they are hatched

(22) The bad name that hangs the Nigerian dog

(23) Good Luck to You, Jonathan

(24) Pat Robertson and his terrorist god

(25) From the Ruins of Postcolonial Memory

(26) Nollywood Stereotypes

(27) Many a slip twixt opponent and enemy

(28) Being an African without knowing it

(29) Royal Fathers of Loyal Abductors

(30) Killing Towers

(31) The Listserv and the Least Served

(32) The Grim Farmers

(33) A Trophy for Paul Biya

(34) My Lady Justice

(35) A Plato of Crayfish

(36) South Africa and the Challenge of Memory

(37) The Fear of Going to Heaven

(38) Between Love and Suicide

(39) A Toast to Teachers in Government

(40) Searching for a Dead Poet

(41) A Letter from the Man on the Moon

(42) The New Tortoise

(43) Devouring Our Kind

(44) Oku Di Over

(45) Our Daily Dread

(46) Shrewd chiefs and the gods of sanitation

(47) Playing Ball

(48) VIPugilism

(49) The Naked Truth

(50) Back on the Iron Horse

(51) On Being a Cybernomad

(52) Hot Seat Millionaires

(53) Vehicle Nicknames as Public Discourse

(54) E-newspaper Feedback: Countryman Meets Truckpusher

(55) Retired, Retried

(56) Growing Old in a Country Eternally Young

(57) Problem with Abrahams

(58) By their ringtones you shall know them

(59) Who checks the borderless?

(60) Your Nuhu against My Ribadu

(61) The Patience of a First Lady

(62) Once Upon an Ogboju Style

(63) A Sincere Cecilia

(64) A Bottle of Rebellious Proverbs

(65) Alabaru of Many Loads

(66) Is My Bomb a Bomb?

(67) Textual Bodies

(68) Goomenti Meets Government

(69) What Gender Is Your Laughter?

(70) Protection before Execution O’clock

(71) The Police in Our Bandaged Heads

(72) My Christmas Is Noisier Than Yours

(73) A Hat Called “Jonathan”

(74) The “Third” Colour of the Nigerian Flag

(75) Prayers for Sale

(76) One Woman, One Vote

(77) CHEESE for a Public Bite

(78) A Failed Nation as a Lost Penis

(79) Behold My Kinsmen

(80) Let’s Call a Spade a Spoon

(81) Una Go Washam

(82) A Sign Monkey Is Watching You

(83) Libya, a Feast for All

(84) Tsunamis of the Mind

(85) A Dirty Baptismal Slap

(86) Writing and Rewriting Gaddafi

(87) A Vote against Nigeria

(88) The Guns of “Murderland”

(89) Ribadu’s Rhetoric of Blame

(90) The Myths That NigerianPoliticians Live By

(91) Siege Culture in Nigerian University Unrest

(92) Since Time Imo River


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