Essays in e-zines and dailies: 2

(93) Faking It

(94) The Privilege of Being the First to Die

(95) The Cruel Testimony of a Bomb

(96) The Misfortune of Being Employed to Read and Correct Bad English

(97) New Regimes

(98) Eating Our Best Friends

(99) Mango Owere Fada

(100) Shaking Hands with South Sudan, with Heavy Hearts

(101) The Signs Are Witnesses

(102) A Trip to Kenyatta

(103) My Shibboleth, their Sibboleth

(104) Baroka’s Letter to Soyinka

(105) Bomboys of the State

(106) Facebook Ofoogeri 

(107) Hurricane Abacha

(108) A President, a Teacher, a Healer